Mary-Ellen's Meadow

Delicious Irish Homemade Artisan Fruit Cordials.

Our Story

Our delicious, artisan fruit cordials are all homemade from a combination of our own home grown and Mother Nature’s unspoiled, wild Irish hedgerow fruit, flowers and herbs which we forage, handpicked at the height of their perfection. 

Why Choose

Mary-Ellen's Meadow

The quality of flavour is guaranteed, as we are in walking distance of our house, therefore we collect what we need and in minutes have the ingredients making Cordials for you. We are very proud of the fact that sustainability and cutting down on Carbon emissions in our supply chain is of deep concern to us.

Fresh Produce

We collect all our ingredients without using any transport cutting down our emissions.

Eco Friendly

Our process involves very, very little use of electricity but a lot of use of the atmosphere and time. As we all know, good things come to he who waits!

100% Natural

Mother Nature provides our ingredients therefore, we don't use any machinery to cultivate our ingredients, no petrol or diesel involved.

Respect & Values

Our ethos is linked into respect and value for how our ancestors used to use the bounty from our natural environment.

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Address Corkish, Bailiebourough, Co.Cavan, Ireland.