How we make our Cordials


Our Process

First we go out into our garden or down to the fields to handpick the wild fruit, flowers or herbs at the height of their perfection.  Next we use our secret old process only shared with the Fairies to make our cordials. Then it’s all up to the atmosphere and time to do their stuff. Lastly when it’s ready, we bottle our Cordials and bring them to you to enjoy. 
And that’s how we still make our Cordials, Let us take your Order and you too can  Pamper your Taste Buds. Take a look below at some ways of using our delicious cordials.

A Must in Drinks, Such as...

Cocktails, Sparkling wine, long cool drinks in summer or warm me up drinks in winter, delicious  diluted with still or sparkling water, on the rocks or over crushed ice as well as in Milk Shake or Smoothie recipes.

Delicious Drizzled Over...

Ice-creams, crêpes, fruit salads, Pavlova, Cheese cake, Panna-Cotta.

In Food Preparation...

Cake batter and icing.  Ice cream, Sorbet and Ice -lollies.  Jellies, Whipped-cream, Salad dressing, Marinades, Sauces and Gravy.

Our Delicious Flavours

Sparkling Wild Nettle

Sparkiling Wild Elderflower

Elderflower Cordial

Wild Nettle Cordial



Available from August only. 

Mary-Ellen's Meadow - Blackberry & Apple - Cordial

Blackberry & Apple

Available in September/October only

Mary-Ellen's Meadow - Elderflower & Gooseberry - Cordial

Elderflower & Gooseberry

Available all year round. 

Mary-Ellen's Meadow - Elderflower - Cordial


Available all year round. 

Mary-Ellen's Meadow - Stinging Nettle - Cordial

Stinging Neetle

Available all year round. 

Mary-Ellen's Meadow - Willowherb - Cordial

Willowherb, Borage & Apple Mint

Available all year round.